MacOS Mojave on iMac

Apple Releases MacOS 10.14.4 to Developers

Apple has released the first beat of the next update to MacOS Mojave today. MacOS 10.14.4 has been released to registered developers in the Apple Beta Program. Those who have registered Macs can go to Settings>Software Update to download the new build to their devices. At the time of this post, Apple has not released 10.14.4 to the public beta program yet. That should happen later today or perhaps tomorrow based on previous releases. For those that are curious, the new build number is 18E174f.

While the last update to macOS Mojave, build 10.14.3, was mostly focused on bug fixes and security improvements, MacOS 10.14.4 will likely have some new features in addition to those fixes and updates. One thing that has already popped up is Apple News for Canada. The localized version of News is available both in English and French and is also available in the iOS 12.2 beta build that was released today. Apple notes that, during the beta testing, the Apple News app won’t be updated as frequently as it is for those in the US, UK, and Australia where the service has already been released.

As for when we can expect MacOS 10.14.4 to be released to the general public, that is not clear. Apple does not post a release schedule for their updates to MacOS so it is a bit of a guessing game. Based on historical beta cycles the company has for the platform, we can probably expect a release sometime between four to six weeks from now. That, of course, can change should a major bug be found during the beta testing cycles.

Finally, Average Apple Guy does not recommend installing beta software on your primary Mac.

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