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Apple Releases Security Focused MacOS 10.14.3 Update to The Public

Apple has released the latest minor update to MacOS today, MacOS 10.14.3. The update is available now to everyone. You can download it to your Mac by going to Settings>Software Update and letting your Mac download it. The update is 1.97GB in size so you will certainly want to make sure that you are on WiFi to download and install it.

As for what you will find in MacOS 10.14.3, it is all under-the-hood security improvements and improvements. Here are the release notes, if you want to call them that, for the release from Apple:

This update improves the security, stability, and compatibility of your Mac and includes the following enterprise content: when making a file-sharing connection that uses a valid Kerberos TGT to authenticate, users are no longer prompted to enter credentials.

That’s it. Not a lot of sexy in this update but to be honest, that was what has been expected with this update. 10.14.3 has always been positioned as a security and software update with no new features. It looks like Apple delivered just that with it.

This update to MacOS comes after just three beta builds, indicating that Apple was only focused on some key fixes with the build and not much more.

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