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Apple Releases WatchOS 5.0.1 to Address Apple Watch Bugs

Apple has released WatchOS 5.0.1 for the Apple Watch today, bringing a handful of bug fixes that impacted some users with the initial release of 5.0 last week.  The update specifically addresses bugs that impacted the Activity App as well as some users not getting proper credit for Standing times, something that I personally was impacted by after the 5.0 update.

As with other Apple Watch firmware updates, the update will come as an over-the-air (OTA) to the Watch app on your iPhone.  You will need to have your Watch on its charger to install and apply the update.  It will take about 20 minutes to complete.

As for what is fixed, a few key things.  First, it fixes an issue where some users were seeing an increase in their exercise minutes in the Activity app.  Next, it addressed the afore mentioned Stand credit that some users were not getting during the day.  Finally, it fixes an issue that could prevent your Apple Watch from charging.  I too ran into this which would require me to unseat-reseat my Watch on its charger for it to start charging.

WatchOS 5.0.1 Update for Apple Watch

WatchOS 5.0.1 Update for Apple Watch

WatchOS 5.0.1 was released into beta last Tuesday so it was a pretty quick turn around from beta to release.


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