Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

Apple Releases WatchOS 5.2

Late yesterday, Apple released WatchOS 5.2, the latest update to the Operating System running on Apple Watches. The update is available now through the Watch app on your iPhone. At its core, this update is a bug and performance update release but it also brings expansion of what had been US-centric features like the ECG feature of the Apple Watch Series 4.

WatchOS 5.2 expands the ECG feature to 19 European countries as well as to Hong Kong. If you live in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom, once you update to this new build of WatchOS, you will have the ECG feature available to you.

The Electrocardiogram, or ECG, feature was one of the biggest selling points Apple made when they announced the Series 4 back in September 2018. The feature did not ship with the watch here in the United States but rather arrived in December with WatchOS 5.1.2.

There are a few other additions to this build of WatchOS. First, there are two new watch faces for those of you who have the Hermes Apple Watch for you to chose. These are only available on the Hermes versions. Second, support for the new AirPods 2 is in this update so you can connect them to your Watch for phone calls (Cellular models) or to listen to music. Finally, support for RTT – Real-Time Text – for phone calls is now supported.

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