Apple Releases watchOS 8.7

As part of a slew of releases today, Apple has made watchOS 8.7 generally available to the public. The update to watchOS 8 is available now to download and install on your Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

Apple has not provided any details release notes on 8.7 but instead indicated that the update was focused on security and performance updates. There are no new features with this update. The install itself is under 200MB on an Apple Watch Series 7. The watchOS 8 train will also be the last for the Series 3 with support for the aging Apple Watch model being dropped in watchOS 9.

watchOS 8.7 will likely represent one of the last major update to the watchOS 8 train. With watchOS 9 already in beta for both developers and public beta testers, the focus of Apple is now on that release. WatchOS 9 should be available later this fall and likely will come along side the release of the Apple Watch Series 8. WatchOS 9 will feature several new enhancements and features, particularly related to health and sleep. There are also significant improvements in workouts including Heart Rate Zones in addition to new workout types. The new Medicine tracking feature, also a part of iOS 16, will be in watchOS 9.

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