Apple Removes AirTag Battery Indicator in iOS 15.6

With the release of iOS 15.6 earlier this week, Apple quietly removed the AirTag battery indicator in the Find My app. The feature, which would show user the relative battery life remaining on an AirTag when looking at a specific tag in the device is no longer available. Further, the Cupertino company has already removed it in the iOS 16 beta builds currently available to developers and public beta testers.

If you aren’t familiar with where this indicator was in the Find My app, take a look at the image below. I’ve highlighted where the indicator use to be when looking at a specific AirTag associated with you. I’ve circled in the screenshot where the indicator was prior to the iOS 15.6 update.

AirTag Battery Level Indicator Removed in iOS 15.6
AirTag Battery Level Indicator Removed in iOS 15.6

Apple has remained quite on the exact reason it was removed despite multiple Apple-centric sites attempting to get an answer. The most likely reason it was removed was due to it simply not being accurate. AirTag devices have been in the field now for a little over a year and batteries are starting to get to their end of life. It is possible that Apple received feedback that the indicator wasn’t accurate and chose to remove it rather than try to address its accuracy.

That is speculation of course and it is entirely possible that Apple will return the battery level indicator before iOS 16 is released later this fall.

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