Group FaceTime in iOS 12.1

Apple Seeds First Public Beta of iOS 12.1 With Group FaceTime Support Included

Just a few days after the first beta of iOS 12.1 was seeded to developers, Apple has now released the first public beta of the build.  The big news with this first public beta is support for Apple’s Group FaceTime feature.

Group FaceTime originally had been slated to be released with iOS 12 but due to issues, the Cupertino company pulled it out about halfway through the beta cycle of that release.  At the time, Apple said they were targeting to have the feature out by the end of 2018.

For those that don’t recall, Group FaceTime allows you to have an audio & video call with up to 32 people at once, leveraging the FaceTime technology to make that happen.  It is a great way for small companies to stay in touch but, probably a better use case, are families that live in different areas.  Think holiday video calls with long distant family members.

Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime

Given that Apple released the first iOS 12.1 beta the same week as iOS 12 was released, it is reasonable to assume that we will see 12.1 released by the end of the year, bringing Group FaceTime with it.  It will, as is always the case with beta software, depend on how smoothly the beta testing goes and how comfortable Apple is releasing it.

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