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Apple Seeds Third Public Beta of iOS 12.3

A day after releasing it to registered developers, Apple has seeded the third beta of iOS 12.3 to the public. In order to download the beta build, you will need to be registered in the Apple Beta Program. Registration is free.

This release to public testers is the same build that was released yesterday to developers. That means it is the same as the release yesterday. Overall, this release of iOS is more about bug fixes and performance improvements. The notable exception is the new Apple TV app. It made its appearance in the second beta and no noticeable changes have been made to it in this update.

As most readers will know by now, the updated Apple TV app will be the future home of Apple TV+ when it is released later this year. The new app brings a new “for you” section that makes it easier to find new content you may want to watch. It also brings integrations with multiple network providers in the new Channels section. There you can access CBS All Access, Starz, Showtime, HBO, Nickelodeon, Mubi, The History Channel Vault, and Comedy Central Now without having to open those other apps. It is here that subscriptions to services will also be available when iOS 12.3 is released to the public.

The release of iOS 12.3 should happen in May, just before WWDC in June. At WWDC, iOS 13 should be announced and that will become the primary focus for the iOS team.

As always, both and Apple do not recommend installing beta versions of Operating Systems on your primary or daily use devices in case you happen across a crippling bug.

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