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Apple Seeds Twelfth iOS 12 Beta to Developers – Tenth to Public Testers

When it comes to beta apps, the hint is in the name.  It is beta, meaning that you will run into bugs.  Some bugs are big, some bugs are small, and some are just flat out annoying.  This week, we saw the latter of those three in iOS 12.

On Tuesday, Apple released the eleventh beta of version 12 to developers and the ninth beta for the public beta testers.  That build introduces an annoying bug where users were prompted continuously to upgrade to the latest version of iOS 12, which they were running.  Twitter quickly filled up with testers running into the issue.  My favorite post on it?  From Not Jony Ive

Seriously, this is why it is beta code folks but thankfully, Apple has now released a new build to fix the issue.

The new build fixes this specific issue for those who are testing the latest version of iOS 12 and should be available to everyone through the normal update process.  It will certainly be welcome news as this bug literally popped up every time you did anything on your iPhone running the previous build.

The irony?  You will get a prompt to upgrade to the next version of iOS 12!  Yep, the same thing you are trying to get rid of is what you need to tap to get the new build.  Aye….


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