Shortcuts App for iPhone

Apple Shortcuts App Updated With iPad Pro Support

The Apple Shortcuts app, which allows you to create multi-step actions and then enable the to work with Siri, has been updated today.  The new build is version 2.1.1 for those keeping score at home and is available in the App Store. Aside from bug fixes, this update is aimed at supporting the new iPad Pro lineup.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out Apple Shortcuts, it is a free app that allows you to build actions that you can do with a single command.  You can, for example, setup an action to review your calendar tomorrow and the create a Siri phrase for it.  You can then say that custom phrase to display your calendar events for tomorrow.

The Shortcuts app and the support for them was one of the major features of iOS 12 when it was release in September.  The idea is to make your iPhone and Siri more useful for you day-to-day.  Shortcuts is already supported on the current iPad and iPad Pro lineup so this update just extends the support to the 2018 Pro models.

The new iPad Pro tablets are set to be available starting today at the Apple Store online or at your local Apple store.

Shortcuts App for iPhone

Apple Shortcuts

Aside from the support of the new iPad’s, this update also contains several bug fixes that all users will benefit from having on their iPhone or iPad.  If you have the Apple Shortcuts app installed, you should have the update waiting for you in the App Store.  If you have automatic updated enabled, it is likely you have already been updated.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can do so from the App Store.  It is a free download.  It comes with several templates to get you started which can be used or modified to meet your needs.

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