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Apple Shutting Down iTunes Connect on December 23 through December 27

As they do each year, Apple has announced that the iTunes Connect will be shutting down from December 23 through December 27 this year.  The week long break is aimed to give App Store staff time off and for backend updates.

For those unfamiliar with it, iTunes Connect is the mechanism by which developers submit their apps to the App Store as well as any pricing or description changes.  With it shut down, developers will not be able to submit any app updates, new apps to the App Store, pricing changes or any other changes.  This process is in place so Apple can review apps and updates as they are submitted.

For developers, this means that any new apps, updates, or pricing changes must be submitted prior to December 23, 2018.  If they miss this deadline, it will be after December 27 before their changes go live in the App Store.

For consumers, this means two things.  First, you won’t get any app updates on your iPhone, iPad, or the Mac App Store December 23-27.  Second, the few days prior to the iTunes Connect shutdown is a good time to check the prices on apps that you have been interested in buying.  Developers often take the time the week prior to the closure to offer discounts for the Christmas holiday.

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