Apple Stops Signing iOS 15.4 After 15.4.1 Release

Apple has stopped signing iOS 15.4 on its servers, meaning that it is no longer an option to downgrade to that version of iOS on your iPhone. The move comes roughly a week after the release of iOS 15.4.1 came to eligible iPhones and iPadOS 15.4.1 came to eligible iPads.

In practical terms, when Apple stops signing a version of iOS, it means that it is no longer available for consumers to revert back to after an upgrade. The move doesn’t impact your device if you are still running 15.4, but it means that once you upgrade to 15.4.1, you won’t be able to go back. This is a common practice by Apple as it helps keep devices on the most current version of iOS and makes it easier for Apple to support those devices.

For those who are developers, you will have access to iOS 15.4. The stopping of signing is really aimed at consumers.

iOS 15.4.1 brought several security fixes and other improvements to the platform and that was mirrored in the release for iPadOS. Both are available on your respective devices by going to Settings>General>Software Update. If you do not want to upgrade yet, you can opt out for now but it is recommended all users upgrade to to 15.4.1 for those critical security fixes.

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