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Apple Store Adds Military Active Duty and Veterans Dedicated Store

If you are an active military member or a veteran, the Apple Store has a new place for you to shop.  Yesterday, the online Store added a new Veterans & Military store that gives members discounts on Apple products.

Once registered, a military member can purchase iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches and other Apple products at various levels of discount.  Most of these discounts are 10% off regular prices.  For example, the iPhone XS is $899 for military members, which is $999 for civilians.  The iPhone XR is down to $674 from its normal price of $749 for military members.

In order to get the discounted pricing, you have to prove your military or veteran status.  Apple has provided a form for you to complete with your supporting documentation of your military status.  Dependents of military members are also eligible for the discount program.

The addition of the Veterans & Military store at the Apple Store adds to other discount programs the Cupertino tech giant offers.  Apple has offered student and educational discounts for many years through a specialized storefront.  The discount provided to the military is slightly more than those of education.

It is great to see Apple providing this discount to military members and veterans as a thank you for the service, past and present.

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