Apple Store Offline Banner

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of Today’s Apple Event

With the countdown well and truly underway to this morning’s Apple Event in Brooklyn, New York, another key moment has begun with the Apple Store.  If you navigate your way to the Store this morning and attempt to make a purchase, you get greeted with the now familiar “Be right back” banner.

For those readers who may be new to this whole Apple thing, this banner and the store’s ability to complete a purchase is normal on these big event days.  Apple is in the process of updating the store with the new devices and accessories that are expected to be announced today.  Shortly after the event is over, the store will come back online and you can order or pre-order the newest tech from Apple.

As for the event today and what is expected to be available in the store later this morning, that should include a refreshed iPad Pro lineup, a refreshed Mac mini, likely an update to the MacBook and the MacBook Air, as well as some other accessories like the Apple Pencil 2 for the iPad Pros.  Of course, until the actual event, it isn’t 100% known what will be announced, but these are all the odds-on favorites.

Apple Store Offline Banner

Apple Store Offline Banner

If you woke up this morning desperately needing to buy something from the Store, you will have to wait a few hours.

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