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Apple Store Sitemap Confirms New iPhone Lineup Names

Just hours before the Apple Event later this morning, another leak has confirmed the names of the new iPhone lineup.  The leak, ironically, came from Apple itself via an update to the Apple Store sitemap.  AllThings.How managed to grab a screen capture of the new sitemap before it was taken back down and it confirms the names of the phones.

As expected, the new iPhone lineup will be as follows:

  • iPhone Xs (5.8″)
  • iPhone Xs Max (6.5″)
  • iPhone Xr (6.1″)

These names have pretty much been the odds-on favorites for a while now, with the exception of the Xr.  That, for a time, was thought to be the iPhone Xc given that it will be available in a range of colors.  That was squashed yesterday.

As for other leaks from the sitemap, it looks like the iPhone Xs Max will have an amazing 512GB storage option and the Apple Watch Series 4will have a 40mm and 44mm case, a slight increase from the current 38mm and 42mm offerings.

The fact that this all has leaked, especially from Apple, is surprising.  Apple is one of the most watched companies when it comes to their product events and they should know that people are looking for anything and everything about the upcoming devices.  How they let a simple sitemap leak all this is… amazing.  Or it is brilliant marketing.

Either way, enjoy the event today.  It’s going to be fun even if we know a lot of what is going to be announced.

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