Search Tab in The Apple Support App

Apple Support App Gains a Search Tab in The Latest Update

Apple has rolled out a new update to the Apple Support app for iPhone and iPad. The update brings a new search tab that makes finding support articles from the Cupertino company faster and easier. The update is in the App Store now so you should have it available to update to on your devices.

Previous to this update to the Apple Support app, you had three tabs: Discover which is aimed at helping you discover basic information about Apple and Apple products, Get Support which showed you a list of all of your devices associated with your iCloud account where you could get specific support for them, and the Account tab where you could get an overview of your account and check your AppleCare+ coverage. In the new update, the Account tab has been replaced by Search. This allows you to search by keyword or phrases for any support article from Apple.

Search Tab in The Apple Support App
Search Tab in The Apple Support App

You can still access your account information in the app. If you go to Get Support or the Discover tab, you will see your avatar in the upper-right corner which you can tap to gain access to that information.

The new Search tab will be handy if you are looking for something a bit more obscure from Apple and not necessarily attached to one of your devices. It is a welcome addition to the app and certainly makes it a bit more usable while you are on-the-go.

If you haven’t downloaded the app, you can do so in the App Store. It is free.

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