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Apple Support App Update Makes it Easier to See Your AppleCare+ Coverage

Along with the release of iOS 12, Apple released a lot of app updates yesterday either as part of a general update or in support for the newest version of their mobile Operating System.  One of those updates came to Apple Support app, an app that I would encourage all readers to have installed on their iPhone or iPad.

The Apple Support app does exactly what you would think:  It gives you quick access to the support team at Apple but also gives you tips, how to’s and other information to help you get the most out of your device.  It can also be used to schedule repairs or support at your local Apple Store.  The update to the app yesterday brings a lot of organization to the app to help you find things easier and quicker.

There are a lot of little tweaks in this update but the two big improvements are streamlining of resetting your Apple ID and being able to quickly see all of your AppleCare+ coverage in one place.  First, on Apple ID, you can now more readily reset your password right from within the app.  So long as you know your security questions, you will be able to get through that process without having to call Apple Support directly.

Second, there is now a dedicated page within the app that shows you all your devices and if they are covered by AppleCare+.  This makes it easy to know which devices have coverage and when that coverage will expire.  This new page is found under the Accounts tab, under Check Coverage.

AppleCare+ Coverage in The Apple Support App

AppleCare+ Coverage in The Apple Support App

While the Apple Support app is an app (hopefully) you won’t use that much, it is still handy to have installed and can make getting support if you run into trouble a bit quicker.  The app is a free download for those that don’t have it.

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