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Apple to go All-In on OLED Displays for iPhones in 2020

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple looks set to ditch LCD displays on the iPhone for OLED displays. Currently the iPhone XR has a LCD display while the iPhone XS and XS Max use the more advanced OLED display. According to the report, Apple wants to have more “design flexibility” that the more advanced screens will bring to the devices.

For those who don’t know the difference, LCD displays have a separate backlighting component to render the screen while in OLED displays, the pixels are individually lit. This gives a significant amount of flexibility when it comes to screen design, including the shape of the display itself. This is what allows the iPhone XS lineup to have a near bezel-less experience because of the basic mechanics of the displays works. There are other benefits of these screens including higher resolution and better color rendering.

LCD displays have been a staple not only for the iPhone but other phones over the course of the past decade. While the technology has continued to improve, OLED has also significantly improved and provides a better overall user experience and gives company’s like Apple flexibility in their phone designs. Costs have also continued to drop for the screens which makes the financial justification of using them in all phones easier for Apple to digest.

The key to all of this is 2020. The 2019 lineup of iPhones are expected to be iterations of the current lineup. That means that the updated iPhone XR (whatever Apple will call it) likely will have an LCD display. In 2020, we could be set for a revolutionary change for the iPhone lineup, not only with OLED displays but 5G support and potentially a radical new design.

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