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Apple TV 1080p Now Named Apple TV HD

Apple has done a bit of name clean up in the Apple Store. The Apple TV 1080p has been renamed Apple TV HD. It is the exact same product at the exact same price. The name change is designed to end customer confusion on the 1080p box because many simply don’t know that 1080p and HD are interchangeable. Indeed, most consumers will know what “HD” is without thinking about it. 1080p? Not so much.

That is the idea behind the name change and it makes a lot of sense. Apple added to the Apple TV naming yesterday with the new Apple TV+ service so cleaning up the physical box naming makes it easier to understand as Apple prepares that new original programming service for later this year.

It also makes sense that Apple did not change the name of the Apple TV 4K. Again, most consumers will know what 4K is so there was really no need to change the naming of that product.

The non-4K Apple TV box is still $149 for the 32GB model here in the US while the 4K model is another $50.

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