Apple TV Remote Icon

Apple TV Remote App Gets a New Icon

The Apple TV Remote app has a new update that has rolled out, bringing a new icon. The icon, which depicts a television remote control, makes it clearer what the app does when you have it installed on your iPhone. The old icon, which depicted an Apple TV box, was reasonably clear but not explicit.

Functionally, the app is the exact same as it was prior so there are no new features in this update. The app however did get a makeover in iOS 12.2 with a darker UI and it taking up the majority of your iPhone or iPad’s screen when you use it. It also acts more like the physical remote that comes with the Apple TV devices.

Apple TV Remote in iOS 12.2
Apple TV Remote in iOS 12.2

Keep in mind that the functionality of the full Remote app is the same as the Remote built into Control Center in iOS 12. In other words, there is no real reason you need to download this app unless you want an app icon and not have to swipe to get into Control Center. Functionally they do the exact same thing.

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