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Apple TV Streaming Service Set to Launch in April

Rumors have been swirling for months that Apple is planning to launch an Apple TV Streaming service in 2019. Those rumors have gotten a little bit more weight thanks to a report in The Information. In that report, Apple is reportedly telling entertainment companies that they will be launching their streaming service in April of this year. That fits with other rumors that has suggested the service would launch in early 2019. Apple is telling the entertainment companies that their content needs to be ready for an April launch.

The service is expected to have Apple’s own content as well as third-party content from entertainment companies such as HBO, STARZ and other providers. Nothing official has been confirmed by Apple or the entertainment companies. For their part, Apple has over two dozen different shows in production, covering a wide range of genre from kids shows to science fiction. Some of Apple’s own content in the Apple TV Streaming service will be offered for free while other shows will be part of a subscription plan. The details of what that subscription plan will cost has not been announced.

As far as the end user experience is concern, that is already covered. The service will work through the current Apple TV app and appliances so no other changes will be required other than a likely software update.

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