Shortcuts App for iPhone

Apple Shortcuts Updated with New Weather and Photos Actions

With all of the excitement yesterday from Apple, it would have been easy to miss a small but important update to the Apple Shortcuts app.  Version 2.1 of the app was released yesterday and with it, comes a wealth of new shortcuts that you can configure and use with Siri.

In this update, there are three big areas of improvements.  First, you can configure Shortcuts to give you the current weather or the latest Weather forecast.  Next, when it comes to alarms & timers, you can now create a new alarm, toggle an alarm, or start a Timer with new actions in this update.

You can also see the last photos that were imported into the Photos app with the Last Import Action along with being able to use the new Measurement and Convert Measurement actions to measure something and convert it from one unit of measure to another.

Finally, if you are running a shortcut from your HomePod using Siri, any media related to that shortcut will now play back on your HomePod using AirPlay.

Shortcuts App for iPhone

Shortcuts App for iPhone

Overall this is a solid update and with the improvements in actions, will make it even more usable for most readers.

If you have the Shortcuts app installed on your iPhone or iPad, you likely have already been updated if you have Auto Updates enabled.  But if not, you can check out the update in the App Store.

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