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Apple Voices Opposition to Australian Encryption Law

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are among several tech companies that today voiced their concern and opposition to the new Australian Encryption law.  That law was passed last week and could force companies to allow access to encrypted devices or face heavy fines.  The law past last week and all three of the companies call it “deeply flawed”.

Under the law, select government agencies within Australia could issues one of three levels of support from tech companies for accessing encrypted messages.  The highest level of this is a “technical capability notice” which essentially requires companies to bypass their own encryption to get to those messages.  For their part, Apple has long been opposed to the law, citing that it would weaken security for law-abiding customers for the sake of a few who pose a threat.

Apple has long stated that with the encryption methods they use, it would almost impossible for them to break their own encryption.  They, like Google and Microsoft, are not alone in this case.  At the heart of the security methods used by the company are local encryption keys on the devices.  None of the three companies keep those keys in the cloud.

Australian lawmakers passed the bill last week, mostly on party lines, promising that amendments would be passed to bill in the coming weeks.  

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