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Apple Watch Set to Get Built-in Sleep Tracking

By next year, you may be able to track your sleep with a built-in sleep tracking app on your Apple Watch. That’s the suggestion at least that a new report from Bloomberg is indicating. The report states that Apple is already testing the feature and if it passes its internal tests, it will be released to the public through a WatchOS update. That could happen as soon as next year.

Currently on Apple Watch, if you want to track your sleep, you have to use a third-party app. I personally use Sleep Cycle and have been quite pleased with it. But the challenge with using any sleep tracking app is battery life. Since I wear my watch to bed each night, every morning I have to charge it before I begin my day (it is sitting on the charger right now as I write this article). The Bloomberg report indicates that Apple is fully aware of this and that battery life and charging speeds on the next generation of Watches has to improve.

Sleep Cycle on Apple Watch
Sleep Cycle on Apple Watch

For Apple, having sleep tracking in their wearable would be another notch in their health and fitness efforts on the device. Apple already positions the Apple Watch as health device with many health and fitness centric apps built into it. Sleep tracking would simply further round out that message.

The question is if we will see a preview of this feature at WWDC in June? It is possible but a stretch. The new feature is assumed to be a part of WatchOS 6, which is expected to be announced at the event. However, given that there is likely a hardware refresh required, it may not be until WatchOS 7 in 2020 before we see the feature.

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