Shazam for iPhone

Apple’s Acquisition of Shazam is Complete – Will Be Going Ad-Free Soon

Apple announced today that their acquisition of Shazam is now complete.  Apple bought the music search company back in December and after passing through EU regulatory requirements last month, the entire deal is now buttoned up.

Apple’s plans for the music search app  are not fully understood but one thing we do know is that the Cupertino company will be making the app ad-free shortly.  This should create a more pleasing user experience and will likely require an app update in the coming weeks.

Rumors persist that acquired company’s technology will be used within Apple Music but that is not clear at this time.  Given Shazam also has Augmented Reality elements, we could also see their technology rolled into something with ARKit.

Shazam for iPhone

Shazam for iPhone

As with many Apple acquisitions, the full breath and scope of how they will implement the technology won’t be known for many months if not years.  Apple tends to buy solutions and bake them completely before rolling them out to consumers.  That said, don’t expect the stand alone Shazam app to disappear but just to be updated to support the ad-free plans.


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