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Apple’s Autonomous Vehicle Program is Now 70 Vehicles Strong

Like many tech giants, Apple is working on autonomous vehicles.  The Cupertino company has never actually confirmed this but thanks to public records, it is a known program from the company.  Based on the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Apple’s autonomous vehicle program has grown over these past few months.

MacReports confirmed with that Apple now has 70 vehicles registered with the California DMV along with 139 approved drivers.  That is up from the last report in mid-July when the company had 66 vehicles.

According to the DMV, Apple has the following vehicle breakdown in their fleet:

  • GM Cruise: 175 Vehicles and 467 drivers
  • Waymo: 88 Vehicles and 415 drivers
  • Apple: 70 Vehicles and 139 drivers
  • Tesla: 39 Vehicles and 92 drivers

With the new registrations, it is all-but confirmation that Apple is continuing to work on the technology despite the fact that it is years away from actually hitting the market.  Further, based on raw numbers, Apple has fewer vehicles and licensed drives than some of their competitors.  That isn’t a big deal at this point in the game nor a surprise.  Apple is well known for coming into a technology late but making it more user friendly and better than others.  Autonomous vehicles could simply be the next thing.

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