Adjust Your Activity Goal on Apple Watch

Apple’s WatchOS 7 Will Allow You to Tweak Your Daily Stand and Exercise Goal

A nice and frankly long await feature of WatchOS is finally coming today with the release of WatchOS 7. Once you have upgraded your Apple Watch to the latest firmware, you will finally be able to adjust both your daily stand and daily exercise goal you have set on the device.

To this point in WatchOS, you have only been able to adjust your Move goal on your Apple Watch. Effectively, this is where you set your target for the number of calories you want to burn each day. The default is 300 kcal. However, adjusting the number of hours you stand up for at least 1 minute or the number of minutes you exercise each day was a non-adjustable setting. Those defaults were 12 hours and 30 minutes respectively.

Apple seemingly heard the cry from users who wanted to adjust these other goals on their Apple Watch. You will be able to adjust these in the Activity app on your Apple Watch by tapping your rings on the display then tap-and-hold the rings to bring up the options to adjust your move, stand, and exercise goals. The minimum you can set your stand goal is 6 hours while the exercise minimum is 10 minutes.

WatchOS 7 will be released laster today along with iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14. Remember that you Apple Watch will need at least 50% battery charge left on it and your watch will need to be connected to power to apply the update. You can download the update via the Watch app on your iPhone.

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