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AT&T Brings Dual-SIM Support for Latest iPhones – Verizon on December 7

AT&T has become the first US carrier to bring Dual-SIM and eSIM support for the latest lineup of iPhones.  With the iOS 12.1.1 update released yesterday, the  Dallas, Texas based telecom giant was able to turn on support for eSIM in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

For those who have AT&T as their carrier and if you own one of the latest iPhones, you can add a second line to your iPhone which will be configured on your eSIM.  This is done on your iPhone itself.

While AT&T was the first to get the feature enabled on their network, Verizon does not appear to be far behind.  Multiple leaks suggest that “Big Red” will be bringing eSIM support to the iPhone lineup on their network starting tomorrow, December 7.  That has not been confirmed by Verizon.

For their part, T-Mobile still is listed as later this year for eSIM support on the iPhone lineup.

For those that may not be familiar, eSIM technology allows you to assign a carrier and number to a phone without a physical SIM that you insert into the phone.  The iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR all have a physical SIM tray as you would expect, but also have a built-in eSIM to provide dual-SIM support.  Dual-SIM support is not something widely used here in the United States but is hugely popular in other parts of the world, particularly Asia.  The idea is that you have one SIM for your personal number, another for your work number, but you only have one physical phone.  Gone are the days of having to carry to devices.

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