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Average Apple Guy is Back!

Well, hello there! I know, it’s been a while but I’m glad to be bringing Average Apple Guy back into a regular updating status. I took the past 18 months “off” from tech writing. To that point, across either this site, AlliOSNews, and, I’d been writing about mobile tech for nearly 20 years. I needed a break.

And I took it.

I focused a lot of my time on my other hobby, coin collecting. There, I started up a site (I didn’t say I stopped writing, just tech writing!) and have completely enjoyed focusing on something other than mobile stuff. But I missed it and decided that Average Apple Guy needed to come back online.

I’ve spent most of this week getting a lot of behind the scenes updates done and doing some general clean up of the site. Some of that you will see in the look of the site but most of it is clean up of structure and other SEO stuff to appease the Google and other search related sites. None of the old content is gone so if you are looking for an older article, you can easily find it using the search function on any page (that too has been improved). The mobile site has also been improved from a speed perspective and simplified.

As for Average Apple Guy, my main focus is bringing news and information to readers. I’m not going to try to keep up with every. single. bit. of. Apple. news that comes out every day because I simply can’t do it. The site, like before, is my side gig and the staff count is exactly one. So I won’t be the “breaking news” site. There are plenty of those out there so I don’t think you’ll miss out. No, the site will continue to focus on the two things that people visited AAG for in the past: Tips & Tricks and Reviews. Those, you can count on seeing regularly.

For now, welcome back and thanks for checking in. Be sure to follow the site on Twitter and Instagram as well as on Facebook.

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