Average Apple Guy on Apple News

Average Apple Guy is Now on Apple News

After spending the past several weeks working with Apple, Average Apple Guy is now a part of Apple News. Using the News app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can get the latest news, reviews, updates and other Apple related information from the site in the app. It provides another avenue to get information outside of coming to the site directly (which I still very much appreciate!).

To subscribe to Average Apple Guy in Apple News, you need to click on this link. When you do, you will be prompted to open up the News app on your device. You can then favorite the channel, essentially subscribing to it. That’s it.

The content on Apple News is the exact same as it is on the site direction. Indeed, News is fed from the site. So if you prefer the site or are coming to it from non-Apple devices, all the same information will be on both News and the site itself.

Average Apple Guy on Apple News
Average Apple Guy on Apple News

Based on early analytics, it seems a lot of you like having the site available in News. Since announcing it yesterday on Twitter, some 20,000 people have liked the channel. A big thank you to those of you who have done so!

And a big thank you in general to everyone who comes to the site to read updates. It has been great getting your support since the site came online back in August 2018. Since starting online writing (blogging) back in 1999, Average Apple Guy has been the fastest growing site of mine to date. That is all thanks to you.

Thank you!

You can still follow the site in other places. Twitter and Facebook have been available since launch

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