Apple Bagel Emoji in iOS 12.1

#Bagelgate Resolved! Apple Fixes The Bagel Emoji in iOS 12.1 Beta 4

The impending crisis and public uprising, gathering under the banner of #bagelgate, because of Apple’s dodgy choice of a bagel emoji appears to have avoided, to the delight of everyone.  With the new iOS 12.1 Beta 4, which was released to developers yesterday, the Cupertino company has corrected the errors of their ways and have redesigned the bagel emoji in the release, making it far more appetizing and adding a shmear of cream cheese to it.

The controversy started when iOS 12.1’s second beta was released bringing 70 new emoji to the platform.  One of those emoji was a new bagel which immediately became the focus of scorn. Many bagel aficionados questioned the drivers behind Apple producing such a pedestrian bagel in iOS, with others questioning if the bagel was of non-descript, midwest origins.  It seems that Apple has heard these cries and have fixed this travesty.

As you can see in the image below, courtesy of the team at Emojipedia, Apple has corrected the bagel to be a more accurate representation of what iOS users expect form this emoji.

Apple Bagel Emoji in iOS 12.1

Apple Bagel Emoji in iOS 12.1 (Courtesy of Emojipedia)

Clearly this new bagel emoji looks far more scrumptious but with the added shmear of cream cheese, is more like what you would expect when you go to your local bagel shop.

With this crisis now averted, we can now turn our attention to more mundane topics such as politics, climate change, and Facebook data leaks.  Whew!

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