Basic Apple Guy Launches New Elements Wallpapers

If you are looking for some minimalist wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad or Mac, look no further than the latest release from Basic Apple Guy. This morning, a new series of wallpapers were released entitled Elements. As the name suggests, the Elements series of wallpapers cover the basic elements of life: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Air. All of these are available for your Apple devices on the site.

The create of the wallpapers highlighted that the inspiration for them came from the recent Peek Performance event from Apple.

The spark of inspiration (pun partially intended) for this wallpaper started while I watched Apple’s Peek Performance event introduction. The electric glow forming the curvature of the Apple logo during the opening gave me an idea about creating a dark and uncluttered wallpaper, made to look especially crisp on Apple’s miniLED & OLED devices.

Basic Apple Guy

On the Basic Apple Guy site, you can download all of the wallpapers that have been appropriately sized for your devices – iPad, Mac, iPhone (both normal and for OLED) and the downloads are free.

Basic Apple Guy is one of the best sites for original, unique, and creative wallpapers for your Apple devices. If you haven’t visited before, I highly recommend doing so to check out their great work. You’ll also find some well written reviews and discussions around all things Apple

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