Belkin BoostCharge USB-C to Lightning Cable

Belkin Offers First Third-Party USB-C to Lightning Cable

At CES 2019, Belkin has become the first company to offer a third-party USB-C to Lightning charging cable. The new BoostCharge USB-C to Lightning cables will range from $24.99 to $34.99 depending on the length of the cable. They will be available later this Spring.

To this point, Apple was your only source for getting a USB-C to Lightning cable as the Cupertino company did not allow for the cable combination to be supported by third parties. That changed in September when the company announced that they would allow other vendors to make the cables. In December, companies could start ordering the specific Lightning connector from Apple which Belkin was able to get into at least a prototype for CES.

Belkin BoostCharge USB-C to Lightning Cable
Belkin BoostCharge USB-C to Lightning Cable

Ultimately this is great news for consumers. Once these Belkin cables are on the market, it means you won’t be forced to go the Apple-only route for cables. It provides more options and at a lower cost unless you just have to have that Apple white cable in your life.

While Belkin may be the first with their USB-C to Lightning cable, they won’t be the last. Now that the connectors are available from Apple, you can expect a range of third-party manufactures to release similar cables in the first quarter of this year.

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