Bing Search in Safari

Bing Implements AMP Technology in Internet Searches on Mobiles

Microsoft Bing, the second most popular search engine behind Google, has announced that they have begun rolling out support of Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP.  AMP, which was created by Google ironically, is currently only rolling out to Bing here in the United States and it is only in the carousel at the top of a search result.  The company plans on implementing further to support AMP enabled web sites and outside of the US.

For those who don’t know, AMP is a modified version of HTML that is designed to strip out a lot of extraneous code when you go to a site and give you a clean but usable version of it.  Stripping out that extra code uses less bandwidth and the pages load almost instantly.  It is aimed exclusively at mobile browsers.

With Bing now supporting AMP, it means that it isn’t just a Google search thing any longer and users of all of the major browsers out there can now use Google or Bing and still get AMP results.  AMP is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera.

If you go to in Safari on your iPhone or iPad and do a search of any time, you will see the results carousel at the top of the page.  In my example below, I did a search for “Apple News”.  If you note in the carousel card, by the source of that news, you see a little lightening bolt icon.  That indicates that it is an AMP page.

Bing Search in Safari

Bing Search in Safari

In their announcement, Microsoft did not indicate how long the global roll out would take of AMP nor when sites like, where AMP is on every page, will be fully supported.


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