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California Governor Signs Net Neutrality Bill – Feds Immediately Sue

California governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a new bill that brings back net neutrality requirements of the now defunct 2015 FCC order to the state, along with closing other loopholes that could allow for anti-competitive zero-rating from carriers.

Nearly as quickly as the ink dried on Governor Brown’s signature, the United States Justice Department sued the state of California over the law, stating that the law imposes “burdens on the Federal Government’s deregulatory approach to the Internet.”

Ultimately what this means is that the federal government will be taking the state of California to court of Senate Bill 822.  California will argue it is legal and protects Californians while the federal government will counter that it is an overstep by the state against federal laws that are in place.

When the FCC, under the leadership of Chairman Ajit Pai, dismantled the Obama-era net neutrality rules earlier this year, California was one of the first states to come out against and stated they would provide a law on it for the state.

For their part, large internet providers like Comcast have come out opposed to the bill.  They, like other telecom companies, want a federal law on the matter as opposed to having to potentially deal with fifty different sets of laws, one for each state.

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