Can’t Find an App Installed on Your iPhone? Siri Search Will Show You Where It’s Located

If you are like me, you have dozens of apps installed on your iPhone and iPad. Most of the time I can remember which folder on my device I put the app, but if it is an app I don’t use as often, I forget which folder I have it installed. For me, and I suspect others, I have dozens of folders on my Home Screen on both devices. Fortunately, Siri Search can help not only find the app quickly but can tell you the folder that it is stored in on your device.

To find an app on your iPhone or iPad, on your Home Screen, swipe down to access Siri Search. In the search box, type in the name of the app you are trying to find. Siri will populate the search findings with that app but equally as important, will show you the folder name where it is installed to the right of the result. Take a look at the screenshot below:

App & Folder Location in Siri Search
App & Folder Location in Siri Search

From here, you can just tap on the app’s icon to open it or you can navigate to the folder where it is located and open it from there. The good news is, now you know where the app is located and, hopefully, will remember next time. But if you don’t, Siri has you covered.

The only time that Siri doesn’t provide you with the folder name is if you have multiple apps that start with the same name. For example, Google is notorious for naming all their apps “Google Whatever”. Siri will show you the results but will only show you the apps that start with Google in this example. That’ll help you get to the app of course because you can just tap it, but doesn’t provide the folder information. If you can be more specific in your search, like “Google Home”, then it’ll show you the folder where the app is installed.

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