Clean Energy Charging Live in iOS 16.1

Clean Energy Charging, a new dynamic charging feature for your iPhone, is live in iOS 16.1 Beta 1. The first beta of the next IOS release was seeded to the Apple Developer community earlier today.

Clean Energy Charging was teased by Apple earlier this week as being another way the company is using Artificial Intelligence, your iPhone charging habits, and information from local energy information to charge your device when lower carbon emission electricity is available. As Apple put it,

In your region, iPhone will try to reduce your carbon footprint by selectively charging when lower carbon emission electricity is available. iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can reach full charge before you need to use it.

Apple in iOS 16.1 Beta 1

By default, the feature appears to be enabled in 16.1. To see the feature or to change it, navigate to Settings>Battery>Battery Health & Charging. At the bottom of the page, you will find the toggle to enable or disable the feature.

Clean Energy Charging Option in iOS 16.1
Clean Energy Charging Option in iOS 16.1

16.1 is expected to bring the usual smattering of bug fixes on par with other “dot” releases. However, many features that Apple has not released as part of iOS 16 are expected in 16.1. These include:

  • Clean Energy Charging
  • iCloud Shared Photo Library
  • Live Activities and the Live Activities API
  • Matter Support for Smart Home connectivity

iOS 16.1 is expected to be released in October and will be available to all devices running iOS 16.0. Currently, the beta is only open to registered developers in the Apple Developer program. Those in the public Apple Beta program likely will have access to this new beta later today or tomorrow.

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