Hulu Dark Mode Feature

Dark Mode Comes to The Hulu Site for Finding and Watching Videos

The race to Dark Mode all the things continues with Hulu now jumping into the fray.  The streaming television and movie service has updated its site to allow you enable a dark mode for finding and viewing content.  It is a simple toggle but if you are using MacOS Mojave in Dark Mode, it looks great.

To enable the new mode, just log into your Hulu account and then click on your profile, where your name is located on the site.  There you will see the toggle to enable Dark Mode.

Here is where you need to look exactly if you are having trouble finding it.

Hulu Dark Mode Feature

Hulu Dark Mode Feature

With Dark Mode now a system level feature of MacOS Mojave, many developers have been working to at least offer support for their apps and sites to support it (or something similar).  You can expect this to increase as we start getting into a larger install base for Mojave over the coming months and as devs have time to update their apps.

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