District of Columbia Sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

2018 likely cannot end soon enough for Facebook. The social network faces yet another lawsuit as a result of the Cambridge Analytica scandal from earlier this year. Washington, DC (District of Columbia) has filed a suit against the company for violation of the district’s Consumer Protection Procedures Act.

Specifically, DC is claiming that Facebook mislead residents of the district with how their data on the social network would be used kept secure and its misuse of third parties. The case was filed by Washington DC’s Attorney General Karl Racine.

“Facebook failed to protect the privacy of its users and deceived them about who had access to their data and how it was used,” said AG Racine. “Facebook put users at risk of manipulation by allowing companies like Cambridge Analytica and other third-party applications to collect personal data without users’ permission. Today’s lawsuit is about making Facebook live up to its promise to protect its users’ privacy.”

The fallout of the Cambridge Analytica scandal for Facebook cannot be overstated. Since coming to light in March that millions of users data was given to the political consultant firm, the social network has been under intense scrutiny. The FBI, Department of Justice, Security & Exchange Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission have all initiated investigations into the company’s practices. In the United Kingdom, the company has already been fined for the scandal.

As for this case against them, Washington DC is asking for the social network to put in place “protocols and safeguards to monitor users’ data and to make it easier for users to control their privacy settings”. They are also seeking restitution for consumers in the district.

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