MacOS Mojave Day

Download The MacOS Mojave Day and Night Wallpapers

One of the great features that will be coming to MacOS Mojave is Dark Mode.  This is a long requested feature of MacOS users and it will be a system level feature.  That means that Dark Mode will be applied to everything including apps.  Dark Mode will also sport its own wallpaper too!

If you have been looking for those new wallpapers coming to MacOS Mojave, look no further.  You can download both the “day” version as well as the “dark” versions of the wallpapers right here on the site for free.

I’ve placed thumbnails of the wallpapers after the break so for those who aren’t interested or already have the wallpapers won’t have to wait out the image downloads.

Both wallpapers are 5120 x 2880 in size.  If you right-click the images, you can download them directly to your Mac and they will be downloaded in the full size, not the thumbnail size.

MacOS Mojave Night

MacOS Mojave Night (5120×2880)

MacOS Mojave Day

MacOS Mojave Day (5120×2880)

The wallpapers have also been added to the Wallpapers page so you can download them there as well as other wallpapers (with more coming).  As with all the wallpapers, you can download them and use them free of charge.


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