iOS 12

Download The iOS 12 Default Wallpaper

If you haven’t update to iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad but want the default wallpaper that comes with the release, you are in luck.  I’ve added the wallpaper to this post, both for iPad and desktops, as well as for iPhone and mobile.  Both wallpapers are also in the Wallpaper section of the site.

As I normally do, I’ve added the wallpapers after the break so for those of you who have iOS 12 or don’t really care about wallpapers can move along without suffering through a download.  For those who are interested, read on and download them.

First is the larger wallpaper for iPad and desktops.  It measures 2934 x 2934 so it is great for both.  Just click the thumbnail below to download it in its full size.

iOS 12

iOS 12 (2934×2934)

For those who want just the iPhone or mobile version of the wallpaper, it is next.  It measures 1125 x2436 so it should work with just about any phone out there regardless of aspect ratio.


iOS 12 - iPhone

iOS 12 – iPhone (1125 x 2436)

The wallpapers look great on the current generation of iPhones and iPads.

For more wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad and MacBook, head over to the Wallpaper section.  All the wallpapers there are free to download.

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