iPhone Xs Wallpaper Landscape

Download the iPhone XS Wallpaper for your Current iPhone

Last week, the team over at 9to5Mac got leaked press images of the upcoming iPhone Xs as well as the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4.  As is usually the case, it didn’t take long before the wallpaper featured on the Xs was discovered as well and now you can download it for your current iPhone.

There has been a fair amount of debate on what exactly is the wallpaper.  Apple says that it is Jupiter but it looks strikingly like the sheen you see on oil up close in the sun.  Either way, it is a pretty unique and beautiful wallpaper.

As normal, I’ve added the wallpapers to this post after the break so those who aren’t interested can move on and not have to wait for an image download.  If you are interested, keep on reading!

The first wallpaper is the vertical wallpaper that is for the new iPhones.  It measures 1125×2436 although I’ve just made a thumbnail of it below.  To get the full size image, either click on it or right-click and save the image.

iPhone Xs Wallpaper

iPhone Xs Wallpaper (1125×2436)

Second, I took the wallpaper and tilted it 90° so you can have it in landscape.  Truthfully, it doesn’t look as good this way but I thought I’d provide it regardless.

iPhone Xs Wallpaper Landscape

iPhone Xs Wallpaper Landscape

You can find the iPhone Xs wallpaper on the Wallpaper section here at Average Apple Guy along with other wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad.

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