2018 iPad Pro - 8

Download The New iPad Pro Stock Wallpapers

With the announcement of the redesigned iPad Pro lineup yesterday, so too came a new set of wallpapers for the new tablet.  The set of eight wallpapers are stock on the new iPad Pro but you can download them here for your current devices.

The wallpapers all measure 3208×3208 in size and will work on your iPad and, if cropped a bit, on your iPhone.  They also work with your existing iPad Pro.  I’ve also found that they look great on the MacBook too!  You can, of course, use them on other devices too.  All of the wallpapers can be found after the break and you can also find them the Wallpaper section of the site.  They are, of course, free.

Here then are all the new wallpapers that come with the iPad Pro.  Note that these are all thumbnails to save you time when you view the page.  However, if you click on them or right-click to save them, they will be shown/downloaded in their full size.

2018 iPad Pro - 8

2018 iPad Pro - 7

2018 iPad Pro - 6

2018 iPad Pro - 5

2018 iPad Pro - 4

2018 iPad Pro - 3

2018 iPad Pro - 2


2018 iPad Pro - 1

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