Dynamic Island Supported Apps on iPhone 14 Pro

Dynamic Island is one of the more exciting new features coming to the iPhone 14 Pro lineup. Dynamic Island uses the new pill area of the display to change sizes dynamically and provide real-time information based on the apps you are using. It is not only a great way to provide information at a glance, but it also hides in plain sight the pill itself.

If you have not seen it in action, take a look at this video.

Dynamic Island in Action

Which apps support this new feature when your new iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max is delivered on Friday? The team over at 9to5Mac has put together an excellent rundown of the apps and services that will support Dynamic Island on day one. And surprisingly, there are already several third-party applications on board.

System alerts and notifications:

  • Incoming call
  • AirPods connected
  • Face ID
  • Apple Pay
  • CarKey
  • AirDrop
  • Watch unlock
  • Low battery
  • Charging
  • Silent switch ON/OFF
  • NFC interactions
  • AirPlay
  • Focus changes
  • Shortcuts
  • Airplane mode/no data alert
  • SIM card alerts
  • Accessories connect
  • Find My

Now Playing:

  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • Audible
  • Amazon Music
  • NPR One
  • Overcast
  • Pandora
  • YouTube Music
  • SoundCloud

You can find the full list over at 9to5Mac

As 9to5 points out, future support for this new feature comes from Apple with Live Activities. Live Activities will also be supported on the Lock Screen, which will show you real-time information for things like MLB baseball games or flights with Flighty. It is expected to be released with iOS 16.1 in October.

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