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ECG for Apple Watch Series 4 Still MIA in WatchOS 5.1 Beta 3

The latest beta for WatchOS 5.1 has been released to testers and unfortunately, there is no sign of the new ECG app in the release.  The beta, which is only available to developers and is not part of the public Apple Beta Program, is aimed to bring a number of fixes and improvements to the latest Apple Watch as well as supported previous versions.

The Electrocardiogram, or ECG (sometimes referred to as EKG), was a huge point emphasized at the Apple event in September where the Apple Watch Series 4 was announced.  At the time, Apple only said the feature would be coming to the Series 4 later this year.  The assumption has been that WatchOS 5.1 would be the build were it was released.  That, at least for now, doesn’t appear to be the case.

If WatchOS 5.1 is released this year, which is very likely, it is possible that Apple will push the ECG feature into a later beta.  It is generally not common for Apple to have one set of devices on a .0 or .1 release without their other platforms on that same “dot” release.  For example, we will likely see iOS 12.1, MacOS 10.14.1, and WatchOS 5.1 all at the same time.  But, and this is notable, that has not always been the case with WatchOS.

Apple has in the past released iOS and MacOS updates while holding back WatchOS’ update for a few weeks.  That could, in this case, give the Cupertino company time to get the ECG feature into the 5.1 beta cycle and still hit their end of the year target.

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