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European Union Approves Apple’s Acquisition of Shazam

The European Union today has approved the acquisition of the music recognition and discovery service, Shazam.  Apple announced their acquisition of the company last December and the EU launched an anticompetitive investigation into the purchase to assure that it would not elevate Apple Music above other services.  The commission seems satisfied with things now and has given the stamp of approval, although it was never really in doubt.

While Apple has not indicated exactly what they want to do with the acquistion, the clearest path is an augmentation of Apple Music with their technology.  This could lead to a Shazam-like music recognition and discovery built into the app as well as improvements around lyric scrolling during a song.

It is Apple Music where we will likely see the first deeper integrations of the technology but it won’t be the only place.  Apple, before the acquisition, was licensing Shazam for a variety of services, most notably Siri.  If you asked Siri to identify a song, it was leverage Shazam technology to make that happen. That likely will continue although now that it is all internal to Apple, they could augment it further.

Apple Music

Apple Music

With the European Union satisfied with the acquisition, we probably won’t hear much more on it as the purchase is complete.  Apple did not disclose the purchase price of Shazam but it is estimated to be a few hundred million dollars, a small price in “Apple economics”.

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