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Evernote Cuts Premium Annual Subscription by 60% Amid Reports of Impending Doom

Popular note taking app Evernote has slashed their annual subscription cost by 60% amid rumors that the company is struggling through high profile departures and flat growth.  Yesterday, the company dropped its pre-paid annual subscription from $70 to $42 per year.  This is if you pay for it annually.  If you continue to pay for the service monthly, it remains at $7.99, a cost of $95.88.

TechCrush is reporting that CTO Anirban Kundu, CFO Vincent Toolan, CPO Erik Wrobel and head of HR Michelle Wagner have all left the company in recent weeks, a fact that the company does not deny.  They also quote a source as say, Evernote is in a death spiral,” the tipster claimed. “Paid user growth and active users have been flat for the last six years and their enterprise product offering has not caught on.”

With 225 million users, Evernote remains one of the more popular note and productivity apps for desktops and mobile.  The company, which was founded in 2004, was one of the first to adopt their app for the mobile space and had a strong foothold as the go-to note app for mobile for many years.  That lead has eroded in recent years with the likes of Microsoft OneNote and others which offer the app free of charge.

Evernote for iOS

Evernote for iOS

As a long time Evernote user (since 2007), I personally hope the rumors of their demise are not true.

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