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Evernote Gives iOS App A Complete Makeover

Evernote has had a bumpy few years. Back in September 2018, they cut their subscription fees by 60% then ended up laying off about 15% of their employees. It did not look good for the Redwood City, California based company despite a strong user base. But they ended up getting their footing and have slowly been making their way back, focusing on the basics that made their app and service so good in the beginning.

That’s why the latest iOS update for Evernote is pretty awesome. It is a complete revamp of the app that left virtually no aspect of it untouched. You have full rich editing, checklist improvements, redesigned toolbar, real-time search, tag filter…. you get the idea. It is quite literally a brand new app.

Evernote for iPhone
Evernote for iPhone

Here are the full release notes


  • You now have more control over your notes’ appearance. Use semantic headers and tables to give structure to your notes. Or change fonts, colors, and highlights to add a personal touch. 
  • Checklists now get the VIP treatment they deserve. You can add list items, indent them, move them around—and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing them off with a single tap.
  • Adding rich content (like audio, photos, attachments, and sketches) is quicker and easier with the new, multi-function Insert button. 
  • We redesigned the formatting toolbar to put your most-used options front and center. Bold/italic/underline, header level, font sizes and colors, multiple highlighter options, subscript/superscript, alignment, hyperlinking, and more—all right there at your fingertips.


  • Save time—and taps. Get real-time search suggestions as you type to find what you’re looking for faster.
  • Filter your searches by tag, attachment, PDF, URL, and more. So even the most elusive notes will now appear at your command. 
  • Is searching your Evernote superpower? Like to combine keywords, tags, or locations to find exactly what you need? Now you can save those searches and use them over and over again with just one tap.


  • The main screen has a cleaner, more modern look, so it’s easier on the eyes—and easier for you to get stuff done. 
  • We redesigned the document scanner to streamline how you capture information with your camera. In a flash, the app now automatically recognizes documents, Post-it(R) notes, whiteboards, or business cards, scans them for readable text, suggests the best options for capturing them, and adds them to your notes. Ta da!
  • We’ve introduced nested tags to give you even more ways to organize and find information.


  • This update moves the app to a new codebase that’s more stable and reliable, for fewer hang/crash errors.
  • That new codebase means we can fix bugs quicker and release new features more often (yep, we’ve got some cool things already in development—join our Beta Program for a sneak peek!).
  • Syncing data across different platforms and devices is smoother and more seamless than before.

The company has indicated that a similar update to their macOS app is going to be coming soon and I suspect it will be sometime around the Big Sur release.

Evernote itself is a free app in the App Store and there is a free tier for individual device users. Plans for syncing across devices and other premium features is $7.99 per month or $45 per year.

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