F1 Mobile Racing Screen Capture

F1 Mobile Racing Announced – Set to be Released October 18

Codemasters has announced that their newest Formula 1 game, F1 Mobile Racing, will be available this Thursday, October 18 for iOS users.  The game, like the console game, is fully licenses by Formula 1, meaning you get all of the teams, drivers, and circuits from the 2018 season.

The new Formula 1 Mobile Racing game is based on the 2018 console game and allows you to develop your car, racing in live events against other people worldwide, and have a complete season in a career mode.

The game will also have events that are held during F1 race weekends that allow you to collect special rewards.  Here is the official trailer of the game to check out.

Codemasters has indicated that their goal for the game is to give a console-like experience on your iPhone or iPad and based on the trailer, it looks pretty solid.

F1 Mobile Racing Screen Capture

F1 Mobile Racing Screen Capture

The game will be a freemium model so the download of the game itself will be free with in-app purchases available to help you unlock things or progress faster.

As for Android, the game is still in development and will launch later.  The initial release on October 18 will be for iOS only.

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