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FCC Announces New 5G Spectrum Auction

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced a new spectrum auction to be held here in the United States. The auction, set to start on December 10, 2019, is aimed at bolstering 5G support here in the country. The auction is the biggest yet that the commission has offered.

3400 megahertz in three different spectrum bands are a part of the auction. That makes it the largest that the FCC has ever offered for commercial use at one time. It is all in an effort by the commission and the current United States administration to make the United States one of the leaders in 5G communications.

In addition to the announcement of the auction, the commission also announced that it was “repurposing” some $20.4 billion to internet providers to help them get high-speed internet access to rural homes and small businesses in the country. The goal is to connect 4 million of them using the funds over the next decade. The funding is to help internet service providers build out the infrastructure needed in order to provide high-speed access to rural America.

Both of these announcements are part of the larger 5G Fast plan which is a major initiative of President Trump and his administration. He, along with members of congress, are wanting the US to be a world leader in 5G, especially in light of the administration’s ban on some Chinese telecom suppliers in the country, most notably Huawei.

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